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Open Doors for DREAMers (pdf)
The DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education of Minors) provides an opportunity for undocumented youth to legalize their status.

Don’t Deport Superman (pdf)
Superman is America’s hero. He is also an undocumented immigrant.

‘Ask-a-Lawyer’: An attorney honors heritage by offering help (pdf)
Attorney Ryan Stark Lilienthal volunteers with Ask-a-Lawyer, a program that offers the Latino community access to affordable legal services.

Immigration Debate Goes Local (Loco) (pdf)
With the U.S. federal government unable to produce a nationwide bill to fix our broken immigration system, local communities are taking immigration enforcement into their own hands

The House Strikes Back (pdf)
In an effort to derail any positive movement on comprehensive immigration reform, the
U.S. House of Representatives has initiated an unusual effort to conduct nation-wide forums to garner support for an enforcement-only immigration law, precluding any opportunity for undocumented immigrants to legalize their status.

Vision Latina (pdf)
Now that the U.S. Senate has passed immigration legislation, the issue of comprehensive immigration reform moves on to the next, bigger hurdle…

DREAM Act (pdf)
The DREAM Act gives meaning to the aspirations of millions of undocumented
immigrant youth, who grow up in the United States and share the same hopes as their
U.S. citizen peers – to live the American Dream.

ImmPACT: Immigrants’ Public Advocacy Coalition of Trenton
This past month, immigration officials carried out early morning raids on Latino homes
in Trenton.

The U Visa for Immigrants who are Crime Victims (pdf)
At a time when news reports reflect increased violence towards Latinos, immigrants,
particularly undocumented immigrants, are less likely to report crimes to the police for fear of being reported to immigration officials.

Real ID Act  (pdf)
On May 11, 2005, President Bush signed into law the REAL ID Act of 2005, a law that
pushes immigrants – documented and undocumented – further into the shadows of U.S.

Election Aftermath (pdf)
On November 2, 2004, the American people re-elected President Bush and expanded the Republican Party’s control over the U.S. Senate and House. Arguably, President Bush’s success can be attributed to, at least in part, receiving a greater percentage of Hispanic votes than prior Republican Party presidential candidates.

Join the Vote (pdf)
For immigrants who have become U.S. citizens, this is a call to action to register to vote
immediately and to vote on November 2, 2004. For permanent residents, this is a call to action to apply for citizenship, now.

Local Police Enforcing Immigration Laws (pdf)
In spite of President Bush’s recent positive-toned immigration proposals, the Bush
Administration has focused more on deporting illegal immigrants than offering them legal protections.

Driving Licenses for Immigrants in New Jersey (pdf)
The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) recently began implementing rules
that limit the ability of individuals, particularly foreign nationals, to obtain drivers licenses.